The Register Program

Saying "Thank-You" is fairly simple. Open the Register programthat accompanies My Program. Enter your name, your email address, andrequest either the Single-User license or Request a License plusManual and Disks.

Save or Copy or Print the data from the Register program and sendthe data and payment to Kagi. More specifics on the Register programto follow. Kagi handles my payment processing.

If paying with Credit Card or First Virtual, you can email or faxthe data to Kagi. Their email address is and their faxnumber is +1 510 652-6589. You can either Copy the data from Registerand paste into the body of an email message or you can Save the datato a file and you can attach that file to an email message. There isno need to compress the data file, it's already pretty small. If youhave a fax modem, just Print the data to the Kagi fax number.

Payments sent via email are processed within 3 to 4 days. You willreceive an email acknowledgement when it is processed. Payments sentvia fax take up to 10 days and if you provide a correct internetemail address you will receive an email acknowledgement.

If you are paying with Cash or USD Check you should print the datausing the Register application and send it to the address shown onthe form, which is:

Kagi 1442-A
Walnut Street #392-S7U
Berkeley, California 94709-1405

You can donate using a wide variety of cash from differentcountries but at present if you donate via check, it must be a checkdrawn in US Dollars. Kagi cannot accept checks in other currencies,the conversion rate for non-USD checks is around USD 15 per check andthat is just not practical. If you have a purchasing department, youcan enter all the data into the Register program and then selectInvoice as your donation method. Print three copies of the form andsend it to your accounts payable people. You might want to highlightthe line that mentions that they must include a copy of the form withtheir donation. Kagi can not invoice your company, you need to act onmy behalf and generate the invoice and handle all the paperwork onyour end. Please do not fax or email payment forms that indicateCash, Check or Invoice as the donation method. As far as we know,there is still no technology to transfer physical objects via fax oremail and without the payment, the form cannot be processed.Donations sent via postal mail take time to reach Kagi and then up to10 days for processing.

Again, if you include a correct email address, you will hearfrom Kagi when the form is processed.

If you do not have an email address, please enter your completepostal address and please remember, we do not know what country youlive in so please enter that into the postal address also.