Path: accessible via the path /pager/


Web*Pager brings AOL and ICQ style instant messenging to the Newton. Visitors to your NPDS server can send you a "Page" which will pop up in this pager-type applet on your Newton.

The backlight will flash, a tone will sound, and then, if you have Macintalk installed, the message will be SPOKEN OUT LOUD!!!

You can also respond to some pages sent from other Newtons.


In the screenshot on the right, the buttons along the bottom of the "Pager" are info, Delete, Back, Forward, Save, Reply, Close.

You can also scroll up and down in a Page as well as select and copy Page text to the Clipboard.

Two Way Paging

Note the Newt Button next to the Save icon in the screenshot. This button appears when the sender of the page is using a Newton Browser.

The assumption is that he/she is also running NPDS. If you tap the Newt Button, your browser will launch and access the sender's copy of Web*Pager via NPDS. Voila, you can reply to the message from your browser. I know this is a hack, but it's the best I can do for freeware! I am working on pager clients for MacOS and (maybe) Win32 and information on these will become available later.

urlCop: Don't forget to install urlCop or two-way paging won't work. For those of you who don't know, urlCop is somewhat like Internet Config for the Mac. It provides a system-level URL handler.

Configuring Web*Pager

The option to speak or not speak is controlled by an entry you'll find under Web*Pager's info button since some of you will not want a chatty Newton...