Describe Ellie's Count Down

For a selected date, ECountDn displays the remaining time from now as:

Use ECountDn

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Select a target event from the Event Name picker. The remaining time updates every second. Special events:

New Events

To create a new event:

You can also Replace/Delete an event matching the current Name.


To further enhance the experience, you can play a sound each hour and/or minute. Each sound picker lists all of the built-in and registered sounds. For additional sound packages, see

ECountDn Versions

I wrote ECountDn for my daughter Ellie so she could know exactly how long it was until her birthday, or Christmas, or whenever. I also wrote a Java version.

ECountDn created with NewtDevEnv; it's 2.x-only. Help book created from HTML by Newt's Cape.

Version 1.0 (9 Mar 1998)

Distribute ECountDn

ECountDn is freeware, and may be distributed freely as long as all of the files are included and unmodified.

I may make ECountDn source available to registered NewtDevEnv users.

© Copyright 1997-98, S. Weyer. All Rights Reserved Worldwide.

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Steve Weyer
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