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Nick's SoWoSamma

(c) 1998 by logic tools, Nick Müller, München.
Nick's SoWoSamma is freeware. You may give it to others at no charge. More about this under Legal Stuff.


SoWoSamma is a small Newton program that allows easy reconfiguration of the settings normaly found in "Owner Info". With SoWoSamma yo can switch the current owner or current location by just two taps.

 System requirements:

Nick's SoWoSamma requires Newton OS 2.0 or higher.
Nick's SoWoSamma was tested on a MP 120 / MP 130 and a MP 2000 (should work fine on eMates.)


Install the application by using your Connection Kit or other package downloader. Read the documentation for more instructions on how to install packages.


Once the SoWoSamma.pkg has been downloaded to your Newton, setup is extremely easy.

  • Tap Nick's SoWoSamma located in the Extras Drawer
  • Button in: To choose the Newton application(s) that will have SoWoSamma's button installed.
  • Uninstall: This will remove LockDown and its preference file from your MessagePad.

Using SoWoSamma is as simple as taping the globe icon located on the Newton Status Bar.

 Legal Stuff:

Nick's SoWoSamma is copyright by logic tools, Nikolaus Müller, München.
Please note that the program may only be given to others at no charge.
Newton, MessagePad and Apple are registered trademarks of Apple USA

  • Go to the Newton Extras Drawer and click on the SoWoSamma icon
  • Click on Uninstall.


Design and coding by Nick Müller.
Application idea and English documentation by Fidel Johansen

 Version History:

Version 1.0.1 to 1.1.0

  • If owner info was PIN protected, SoWoSamma will no longer ignore this setting.

 What's left:

The word SoWoSamma is not a sushi bar, but Bavarian slang for "So, where are we now".
Any and all comments are welcome!
Do not hesitate to contact me if there are features you feel may improve the product or may have been left out.
You can download the current version (among other goodies) from my home page. The address is listed below:

Contact (please use e-mail if possible)
For enhancements, bugs and job-offers contact:

Nick Müller
logic tools
Fürstenriederstr. 19
GERMANY 80687 München

phone: +49-89-5461051
fax: +49-89-54612555

home page:

Email : or
ICQ : 255064

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