Support Future NPDS Development

NPDS Is freeware and is released under terms of the Gnu Public License. It has been a real pleasure to develop, implement, and release it to the Newton community.

However, the fact that it's free doesn't prevent me from asking that if you have enjoyed or used Newton Personal Data Sharing, please consider a small donation to help me in my development efforts. I am sorely lacking in hardware and networking equipment and could easily address these deficits with donations from only a small portion of my users. If you can find a few bucks, I'd really appreciate it :-)

Donations to NPDS Development are not tax-deductable.

NPDS has no protection or disabling scheme. It is fully functional regardless of whether you register and you are completely welcomed and encouraged to use it even if you choose not to Register.

So, What kinda dough am I asking? I have settled on Basic and Super-Generous Tiers as follows:

Basic Thank-You:

Persons donating the $7.00 minimum for a single-user "license" will recieve an electronic copy of the NPDS Cookbook, an unofficial guide to unlocking the hidden potential of NPDS. In the Cookbook, I cover such topics as NPDS Scripts, useful NPDS API functions, novel uses of NPDS, and so on. NPDS Cookbook also contains the fully annotated source to Newton Personal Data Sharing to allow some major hacking..

Super-Generous Thank-You:

Those donating $15.00 (by ordering the Manual and Disks) will recieve a printed copy of the NPDS Manual and the NPDS Cookbook as well as all NPDS Components on a floppy disk.

Macintosh Users:

Proceed Here For Instructions On Registering Using the Register Program bundled with NPDS

Other Platforms:

"Register" via Kagi's Online service at

Contact Me:

If you have any questions or if you want to help out some other way, email me at I'd love to hear from you!